About Us

Head Chef and Owner
Remely Depante Gutierrez

REMELY’S is an establishment that offers authentic Filipino Cuisine with high standards of quality and freshness. A restaurant that provides not only great food, but also a helping of genuine Filipino hospitality.

Head Chef and Owner Remely Depante Gutierrez grew up in a family with a deep passion for cooking.  That passion inspired the family to open and operate D.N.D Cafe and Restaurant, D.N.D. Banquet Hall, and National Bakery back in San Pablo City, Laguna in The Philippines.

With a strong heritage of cooking, it was only natural that Remely carry on the family legacy, this time in Canada.  After arriving in this country, Remely cooked and managed several catering events, where her style of cooking was well-received by the Filipino Community in Toronto.

The praise and enthusiasm from her clients eventually encouraged her to open her own restaurant in October 1997: Remely’s. This initial restaurant, specializing in Take-Out and Catering, was opened in Scarborough at 5800 Sheppard Avenue East.  A few years later in March 2001, because of Remely’s growing success, the restaurant moved to a newer and larger location at 4830 Sheppard Avenue East in Scarborough.

Today, Remely’s Restaurant has not only become a household name in Toronto’s Filipino Community, it has also gained popularity amongst members of Toronto’s multicultural communities as well. Remely’s has built a reputation in serving the finest Filipino cuisine, a reputation that Remely and her staff will continue to uphold.

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